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Autism spectrum disorder is usually diagnosed in young children.But what if you think you may be on the spectrum, and it never got diagnosed? Parents of very young children are on the lookout for.

Jul 23, 2018 · Most of the time, prominent symptoms of ASD are diagnosed in young children around toddler age. If you’re an adult who hasn’t been diagnosed with Author: Ana Gotter.

Adult Diagnosis. There are several ways an Autistic adult can be diagnosed. Some adults receive their diagnosis from seeing mental health professionals for other problems, or go to obtain a diagnosis for their mysterious condition. Some read about autism on the Internet and go for a second opinion.

Jul 25, 2014 · However, this wasn’t always the case. As a result, it’s not infrequent that I see teens and adults seeking a diagnosis. Like you, many are parents who begin connecting the dots after one of their children is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). As you discovered, evaluating autism in a previously undiagnosed adult can be challenging.