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GA Driving Lessons is a Georgia licensed driving school that. provides PRIVATE Behind-the-Wheel driving instructions to. TEENS and ADULTS. Our licensed driving instructors teach the rules of the road providing students with the skills and information they need to DRIVE SAFELY and with confidence. LESSONS YOU WILL USE FOR A LIFETIME. 2 Hours $129.

GA DRIVING LESSONS 770-274-4807. ADULTS LEARN to DRIVE. WHY PAY MORE for Behind-the-Wheel Lessons. 2 Hours $129. 4 Hours $230. 6 Hours $345. Drivers License Road Test Prep - 2 Hour Lesson $139. Ev ery car is equipped with d ual brake and .

The Benefits of Taking Georgia Driving Lessons as an Adult. Though Georgia only requires 16-year-old drivers to provide proof that they've completed a driver education course before getting their license, the truth is that driving lessons can benefit motorists of any age.

Customized Driving Lessons. Go beyond Joshua's Law requirements with driving lessons. Our expert, state certified driving instructors teach proven driving skills in top safety-related cars. Teens and adults can tap into driving lessons with time-tested techniques tailored to your skill level.