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Caring for Kids vs Adults: Study Guide for Respiratory Therapy Students by Johnny Lung | Neonatal & Pediatrics As a Respiratory Therapist, it is vitally important to know the difference between caring for kids vs adults and how to properly treat each effectively.

The difference between a pediatric and adult emergency room (ER) is that although all emergency departments should have pediatric specific equipment and be staffed in pediatric care, studies have shown that many adult ERs have most, but not all of the recommended pediatric equipment.

Respiratory Management in Pediatrics Children’s Hospital Omaha Critical Care Transport Sue Holmer RN, C-NPT. Objectives •Examine the differences between the pediatric and adults airways. •Recognize respiratory distress and impending respiratory failure. •Discuss management of respiratory Pediatric Respiratory Emergencies •# 1.

Sep 03, 2019 · Learn to optimize patient outcomes through HealthCall’sAdult and Pediatric Respiratory Assessment and Management Course. The course features complete pulmonary assessment techniques, hands-on equipment management, and specific adult education concepts. 7.66 contact hours are awarded to RNs and LPNs, and lunch is included.