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The Pleasure of the Text (French: Le Plaisir du Texte) is a 1973 book by Roland Barthes.. Summary. The Pleasure of the Text was written in French and later translated into English.Barthes sets out some of his ideas about literary theory.He divides the effects of texts into two: plaisir ("pleasure") and jouissance, translated as "bliss" but the French word also carries the meaning of "orgasm".Author: Roland Barthes.

The Pleasure of the Text [Roland Barthes, Richard Miller] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. What is it that we do when we enjoy a text? What is the pleasure of reading? The French critic and theorist Roland Barthes's answers to these questions constitute perhaps for the first time in the history of criticism... not only a poetics of reading... but a much more difficult Cited by: 1594.

Feb 01, 1973 · In The Pleasure and the Text, Barthes distinguishes between texts that give pleasure to the reader and texts the provide bliss to the reader. To make this distinction, Barthes goes about separating his subject text into two types - readerly/readable and writerly/writeable.4/5.

Pleasure of the Text Records is releasing the deluxe 4 CD set consisting of two reissues of out-of-print early works: 8 [Syllables] (originally released on Peira Records 2013) and 9 [Syllables] (originally released on Mnoád 2014) as well as the premiere recording of his 150 minute epic For Kenneth Gaburo.