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Oct 05, 2015 · pls i have lips and chin numbness after a surgery was conducted on my jaws for 8 weeks now n d numbness still exists.i knw some of my facial nerves are damaged.pls how do i sole it.vit b1 n b6 have been percribed to me but no improvement.

May 04, 2014 · For moderate nerve damage, you could get a steroid injection to numb your nerves and help your body heal. Alternatively, you may need to get surgery to reconnect your nerves if your damage is severe enough. To learn how to use acupuncture therapy to repair minor nerve damage, read more from our Physician co-author.84%(15).

Researchers have developed a nonsurgical technique to repair severed nerves in minutes instead of months. SUBSCRIBE. Use fetal circulation for damaged nerves and that should hook it back up.

The nerves misfire, triggering other nerve cells, which in turn contribute to further excessive nerve cell activity. Vitamin B12 foods can help heal damaged nerves. Foods with vitamin B12 contribute to the repair and maintenance of nerve cells, and particularly the myelin sheath.