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Audience Adults Time 30-45 minutes Description These scenarios deal with sexual harassment issues and can be used in several ways. o You can have participants try to decide if the scenario is actually sexual harassment or not. (For those that are not sexual harassment, they can discuss what change in the scenario would make them.

Student Sexual Harassment Discussion and Role-Play Scenarios Instructions: • Copy and cut scenarios into cards • Divide students into groups of 3-5 • Ask them to discuss the scenario and prepare a role-play • Call on each small group to perform their role-play • Solicit feedback from the extended group.

Oct 25, 2010 · In yesterday’s Advisor, we presented several sexual harassment scenarios for training. Today, more scenarios and an introduction to the best lawsuit-fighting tool of all, the annual HR audit. Managers and Supervisors, What Do You Do When A co-worker from another department keeps asking one of your people out, and brings candies. Your employee is [ ].

Feb 05, 2018 · Power’s Role In Sexual Harassment Psychologists say high-powered men accused of abusing women have different motivations but often share some personality traitsReviews: 82.