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Adult Scoliosis: How to reduce curvature and eliminate pain university studies for adult scoliosis

Surgery for adult scoliosis is now performed at UPMC in a staged fashion. A posterior approach is initially performed to remove the rigid bones that have grown across the joints while decompressing the nerve roots and restoring flexibility to the spinal column.

I am actively involved in scoliosis research, currently working on a study of the effect of scoliosis on lung function in children and adult scoliosis patients. The 4 Biggest Concerns For Adult Scoliosis Sufferers. There is a big difference between adolescent scoliosis and adult scoliosis.

Jun 19, 2017 · Kushagra Verma, MD, assistant clinical professor of spine surgery at University of Washington, shares his knowledge and insight into the diagnosis and treatment of Adolescent Scoliosis and Adult Spinal Deformity. Dr. Verma discusses how to classify spinal deformity, shares cutting edge research and walks through several case studies.

While you may consider scoliosis the stuff of grammar school screenings, it can actually resurface later in life or develop as we age, causing debilitating pain that inhibits everyday activities and Scoliosis in Adults | Discover Health - Rush University Medical Center.