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Simple eye exercises can help in the treatment of a condition called strabismus, also known as crossed eyes. Learn how to perform these exercises at home.Author: Ron Evans.

Treatments for hypertropia involve the use of lenses and vision therapy. Sometimes surgery is required. Patching one eye may also make the person more aware of the eye that is misused. Our doctors thoroughly evaluate this condition and provide treatment options, including non-surgical vision therapy or surgery if it is warranted.

Article 4 Vision Therapy Management for Intermittent Hypertropia with Exotropia Kelly A. Frantz, OD, Illinois College of Optometry, Chicago, Illinois Kyle Otteson, OD, Bismarck, North Dakota ABSTRACT Background: Symptomatic vertical deviations are commonly managed with .

These are my comments regarding the choice of Vision Therapy vs. surgery. Vision Therapy is a viable alternative for strabismus. It can be hard work, though. I would recommend two consultations [get that second opinion!]: one with a pediatric ophthalmologist and one with a behavioral optometrist.