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Dec 05, 2009 · Extra large, but there is a big difference between the youth and adult sizes. The chest sizes are a big change from youth to adult. If the Adult Small jerseys fit you perfectly, chances are the youth jersey won't fit you. If the adult jerseys are a bit big on you, then you should be able to fit.Status: Open.

Small Adult = 36" Small Adult = 30" Medium Adult = 38/40" Medium Adult = 32" Large Adult = 42" Large Adult = 34".

Waist Size Size; 20-34 inches: Youth/Small: 24-36 inches: Medium: 44-58 inches: Large: 58-68 inches: Extra Large.

Nov 26, 2018 · Size charts for popular t-shirt sizes, including: adult shirts, youth, toddler, hoodies, raglans, and sweatshirts.Author: Shopify API.