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Menopause itself is not associated with an increased risk of developing cancer.However, the rates of many cancers, including breast cancer, do increase with age.In addition, some of the drugs used.

Breast lump after menopause. Common Questions and Answers about Breast lump after menopause. lump. the lumpectomy was benign, but since i had a history of fibrocystic breasts and a breast lump so close to the rib, they put me on the tamoxefen. i would rather have periods than 25 months of hot flashes! She has no family history of breast.

Breast tissue tends to become less dense as you get older, especially after the menopause, so it becomes easier to detect breast cancers on a mammogram. Breast lumps. Breast lumps are common around the menopause. They're usually cysts, which are harmless lumps filled with fluid.

Mar 31, 2012 · Post-menopausal cysts When I was in my thirties I started to develop breast cysts after several miscarriages. At that time I was referred to a surgeon and the cysts were aspirated over and over again and I got one mammogram after the other, which in retrospect I thought was not a good idea. After menopause my breasts became smaller and.