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Warning: Contains boy-on-boy slash. A/N: Well, I hope you enjoy. The Boy's Dorm They said goodnight to the others as the two groups went their separate ways. Then, one group walked along a paved path of the academy and into a three-story building. They smiled at each other, for the building was almost completely empty; it was quite early.

So everyone, that wass my very first Zoey 101 Fanfiction. Hope you liked it, please write some reviews. If you want me to make a sequel, place it in the review. I like to end my story's with an open end, so that sequels are possible. This one could have many sequels i think. like Logan and Dustin take it a step further or Dustin and Chase trie.

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A list of stories that contain Chase and Logan slash romance because Chase and Logan make a good couple. This is what you wanted and this is what you got! she was one of the best (no matter how short-lived) characters on Zoey 101. Stories centered her, her and Chase, and other pairings can be found here. All the stories from fanfiction.