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slight burning in tip of penis

Dec 23, 2007 · What could cause a mild burning in my penis? Customer Question. however beginning on April 23 i had a slight tingling sensation no other pain. I am prone to getting thrush on the head of my penis, but it's not thrush, although the burning sensation on the tip of the penis near urethra resembles the same type of feeling. If I put anti.

Dec 03, 2013 · I have a slight discomfort feeling at the tip of my penis, its very mild, its not really a burning or painful feeling, it just feels not 100%. I dont have any discharge, but it does feel like there a like drop of liquid at the tip of my penis, every time i check its dry.

Mild burning in penis usually after ejaculation or urinating. By jimboby | 287 posts, last post over a year ago. Seems like a very slight burning feeling in the end of my penis. Near the opening of the urethra but just a bit back. mild burning pain in tip of penis usually .

Apr 23, 2007 · Hello, My problem so far does not seem severe, but since about 2 weeks ago, I have had a slight pain while urinating it doesnt occur until it reaches the tip of my penis, and feels like there is something in there that is causing the pain, its not STD's, I was tested, and when it occurs it will hurt during urination and only a minute or two after then fade, the only reason I ask is it the pain.