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How to install your Virgin Media Powerline Adapter Press the Sync button on the side of the first/ smaller Powerline adapter for a minimum of 3 seconds. Within 2 minutes you need to .

Powerline kits use your home's electrical wiring to connect devices. Just hook up an adapter to your Virgin Media Hub to help you get a better WiFi signal in any room with a working socket. We have three different kits to choose from, depending on what you’re after, .

A network adapter – you’ll need this for every computer you want to connect. It allows your computer to send information along your network. Luckily, most newer computers have one already. A Virgin Media Hub or Super Hub – you’ll need one of these to connect your devices to .

My current powerline adapters are not very good, the connection always drops I have spent a further £44 for a second powerline adapter for the ground floor which, still is not very effective as I would like it to be. My house is victorian with very thick walls and with the router in Reviews: 28.