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The AdonisMale DC Playgirl Gallery is the #1 Playgirl Gallery on the Internet. DC Playgirl Gallery showcases all the men of Playgirl Magazine: Playgirl Man of the Month, Playgirl Discovery, Playgirl Campus Hunk, Playgirl Real Man, and more. View the Playgirl Register by @gomowad2000. The gallery has no affiliation with Playgirl Magazine or Playgirl.com, and is made available as a public resource.

Artemis likes to refer to himself as “Cocky Bastard”. He believes being cocky and funny is the best strategy for getting laid. He says, “You have to be cocky to show your value but you need to be funny about it so you don’t seem high maintenance.”.

There’s a lot of hot guys doing straight porn these days. Charles Dera, a former Playgirl Man of the Year, is by far my favorite. More naked pics after the jump.

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