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Turn your living room into an aerobics class. You can find free workouts online, on Netflix, and at Exercise TV. Visit a museum. Most museums have a day or two out of the week when admission is free. Check your city guide. Have a board game night. Tell your friends to bring over their favorite games, and draw out of a hat to decide which you play.

Teen Bucket List: 85 Fun Things Every Teenager Should Do. As a teenager, you simply cannot imagine just how fortunate you are to have all that darn energy, partnered with an adventurous spirit. Put all that enthusiasm to good use by participating in the absolute funnest things for teens to do. Believe me, soon enough you will be an adult with immense responsibilities, but that will come later.

Fun Things to Do On the Internet For Teenagers: Although the internet is full of cool things and fun, teens are always in search of something new to kill boredom. So if you are a teen, you can try the following things: You can listen to podcasts. Enjoy comics. Build your wish list. Check homework resources websites.