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RARE VINTAGE PACKARD-BELL 3 ring Binder Radio Television PhonOcords - $95.00 | PicClick packard bell vintage television

Packard Bell was founded in 1933, in Los Angeles, California. Had a reputation for making excellent radios. Supplied electrical equipment to the government during World War-II. Got into the television marketplace in 1948 and remained there until the company was sold in 1974. 1950 - (2204) 21" console w/doors, wood (mahogany).

Antique Vintage Television Collection Vintage RCA Zenith Packard Bell 25cc50 CTC68 Old Color Console TV Sets. telVintage Tube Table Top Television Tv Sets. NEC Packard Bell Black and White Color. RCA CTC16 Color Round Tube Combo Unit with Stereo Tuner and turn table. I put a rebuilt Hawkeye Picture tube in and it has an amazing picture.

Packard Bell 98C9 98C10 Color Console Swivle Base. Hoffman Easy Vision Green Glass Console Black and White Tube TV. Vintage Magnavox MV29 Television Black And White. Old 1960 RCA Victor KCS 164 Tube Table Top TV. Zenith 20cc50 chassis color console tv. Works, crt is good. Had bad cap in the vertical output 100uf 50v. 170ma cathode. Replaced.

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