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Myth #5: All Allergy Issues Can Be Addressed by Using Nitrile or Vinyl Instead of Natural Latex. Latex allergies are also the most common type of glove allergies. Some users confuse chemical allergies with latex allergies. There are often components in both nitrile and vinyl gloves that can elicit a .

Focus 1: The Gloves. Millions of disposable gloves will end up in landfills each year. Initially, there might seem to be no way to temper the environmental damage that this can wreak. However, it’s important to know that latex gloves, at least, are made from natural rubber, which is a renewable resource that can be extracted from living trees.

Latex Gloves and Related Allergies Latex may cause sensitivity or become an allergen to those exposed. Latex exposure symptoms include skin rash and inflammation, respiratory irritation, asthma and shock.

Member's Mark Nitrile Exam Gloves are stronger and possess greater chemical resistance than both latex and vinyl gloves. They are generally recommended for use in areas that may involve higher levels of stress on exam gloves (ER and trauma units) or areas that deal with harsh chemicals or liquid immersion (Lab, Oncology, Environmental Services, Endoscopy, and Pharmacy).4.8/5(58).